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Jin Tan ist Bibliothekar, Blogger, Autor von „Bibliotheken in Second Life“ und hat nicht Geringeres vor, als in Zukunft die Wissensgesellschaft neu auszustatten. Zusammen mit Julia Bergmann und Christoph Deeg wird er uns heute Abend bei CREATE INPUT erzählen, wie die ZUKUNFTSWERKSTATT von  „Kulturvermittlung 2.0“ zu halten und vorallem wie diese in echt umzusetzen ist. Ich werde (fast) live für Euch aus dem Münzsalon berichten. Das Ergebnis könnt ihr dann hier erfahren.

Mehr zur ZUKUNFTSWERKSTATT gibt es hier.

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It feels a little bit like Alice in Wonderland. As those little helpers around me, which are responsible to create brightness and warmth in our life, start communicating. They appear to have a life! And a mission: Sustainability made visible.

The Swedish Interactive Institute is right now sending Visual Voltage around the world. A design exhibition, which bridges the gap between perception and understanding and behaving when it comes to minimize energy consumption. And the Swedish would not be the Swedish if they would not use one of the most powerful human triggers: beauty. The target group is people interested in culture, design and art, experimental IT, the environment, energy, trends and expressions. Sounds like creative class.flower-lamp-2


credit: Visual Voltage

Ever thought of getting rewarded by a lamp, which comes into blooming if you reduce energy? Heart touching and effective, at least in my eyes. Or take the power aware cord, which uses his awareness button the other way around. It actually gets brighter if you forget to zip away one of your little energy thefts like your mobile power charger: energy loss at a glance.


credit: Visual Voltage

One of my friends and his team from the Physical Interaction Lab in Stockholm takes care of this project, which will arrive in Berlin in next year’s fall. It already had a fulminant kick off in Shanghai where it made it to the front page of Shanghai Daily.
But before we all head to our local IKEA store checking if they already offer the “flower lamp”, you might consider this: turn your blog into black. Since a white web page uses about 74 watts to display, while a black page uses only 59 watts. If ever blogger would do, it definitely would create a difference.

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